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SJS Awareness UK was established in 2009. It started as a research by Thermutis Nadier Lawson, a survivor of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) in 2005 when the reality of the state of her vision took her by surprise after she was involved in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian. At this stage, changes in Nadier's vision, sensitivity to bright lighting and heat were having a significant impact on her day to day activities. Hoping to find a support group that could provide some information which could hopefully help curtail her frustrations, it became apparent that very little information on Stevens-Johnson Syndrome was available in the UK.

It was also discovered that due to this condition being rare, most medical staff have very little or limited knowledge about it hence are unable to provide their surviving patients with information on some of the post SJS effects they may be experiencing later in life.

We have come to recognise that the SJS survivor makes an invaluable contribution to the knowledge of the medical experts who treat this condition particularly in the area of ophthalmology. With our ongoing research, we hope to provide a pool of information on the post effects of SJS on all parts of the body with mucus membranes.

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Provide Support for survivors and their families to help them overcome the emotional and psychological challenges


Promote inclusion to the general workforce by providing advice on how possible reasonable adjustments can remove the major barriers in an individuals working environment.


Provide advice on Individual Education Plans (IEP) for survivors wishing to pursue their educational goals.
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The SJSAwarenessUK website is dedicated to raising awareness of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in the UK
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