How we use donations

Our day to day running costs are funded by donations received from individuals, organisations and fundraising activities organised by friends and families of those affected by SJS or TEN. These include Overhead Costs, Publicity Materials and Events. All donations are duly accounted for in our Annual Reports & Accounts.



 How you can donate to support our work



1 Online

Through JustGiving, you have the opportunity to gift aid your donation.

Donate with JustGiving and PayPal

You can also setup a direct debit

Set up a direct debit with JustGiving


2 Cheque & Cash

By sending your donations to the address below:
Jhumat House
160 London Road, Barking, Essex
IG11 8BB


3 Paypal

Click the button below



You also have the choice to increase the amount you donate by 25% as a UK tax payer if you opt for Gift Aid